Driving Satisfaction Through Coaching


In order to receive the best work from your employees, you must foster an atmosphere where their motivation and subsequent satisfaction will come from within.

In an earlier blog we discussed finding your own motivation, and tailoring it to your job so it can lead you to greater productivity and satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll discuss being the catalyst that brings that mindset out in others.

While the fact remains that the most compelling satisfaction comes from within, that’s not to say you can’t help your employees reach that conclusion.

This is where coaching comes can help, a crucial part of every manager’s job (whether it’s acknowledged or not!) is driving satisfaction through coaching.

Monique Valcour from HBR
provides us with a proven blueprint on the matter:

Effective managers:

1. Listen Deeply
2. Ask, Don’t tell
3. Create and Sustain a Developmental Alliance
4. Focus on Moving Forward Positively
5. Build Accountability

Through attentiveness, support, progress, and accountability a coach/manager helps an employee grow into a professional that can identify both what they want out of their jobs and out of themselves.

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