The Mindfield Game at 2014 ASTD Expo in Washington, DC

The Mindfield Game® caused quite the splash at the annual 2014 ASTD Expo in Washington, DC (the last Expo under the “ASTD” name – the Association will be changing its name and branding over the next 12 months to ATD – Association for Talent Development. Learn more here).

Steve Gregory, the creator of the game and founder of IsaiX ( presented two sessions at the Conference, one covering Coaching and the tools and technologies to measure and improve; the other was an experiential session that allowed attendees to play and learn from The Mindfield Game first-hand.

Visitors from around the world came to meet with the members of the IsaiX team – Steve, Carlo Sicoli, and Daniel Wolfe – to learn more about the fun and engaging game that had the conference hall abuzz.

To learn more about The Mindfield game and how you can get your hands on one, check out Pricing and purchase information can be found at Be sure to contact us for coupon codes and special quantity discounts – as well as reseller and licensing opportunities for our international friends.

Mindfield at ASTD 2014

The Mindfield Game Booth at ASTD Expo 2014 attracted many interested folks!

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