Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Mindfield Game be used as an icebreaker?
Yes. It’s been used as an icebreaker for years. Use this activity at the start of a workshop or when introducing a key topic in your training session. It is a great way to build energy in any group.

Can employees from all levels of an organization play The Mindfield Game?
Absolutely. The learnings from this experiential activity are applicable to any training program related to leadership, coaching, team building, and performance management. The Mindfield Game® has been used in orientation or onboarding programs, and executive retreats.

How long does it take to play The Mindfield Game?
The Mindfield Game can take between 20 to 45 minutes to play. The timing of the complete game is at the facilitator’s discretion. Group size and the length of the debrief dictate how long the game will take.

Can I use The Mindfield Game more than once?
Yes. The learnings that learners discover in The Mindfield Game are adaptable to many areas of training and are not exclusive to one area. The Mindfield Game has been used in coaching training programs in one year and team building the following year.

How heavy is The Mindfield Game Mat?
The vinyl mat weighs 2.2lbs (less than a Macbook Air). It folds nicely into a 12”x12” square that fits in a standard laptop bag. For your convenience we also include a smaller (9”x9”) lightweight (0.5lbs) disposable travelling mat.

What are the key takeaways from this activity?
The game is used to help learners confront the reality that in our work-lives we are often put into situations without much guidance and are left to find our own way. The lack of collaboration, critical thinking, and encouragement can significantly decrease our odds of success. When the activity is over, trainers bridge the learnings to the learning objectives of their relevant training program.

In which areas would I use this activity?
The Mindfield Game is best used in training programs that focus on areas of team building, coaching, leadership, and performance management. At the end of the activity, facilitators bridge the learners’ reflection on the value of critical thought and the need to collaborate before taking action.

I am working on developing a training program, is there someone I can speak with to ask more questions?
Yes, never hesitate to call us at +1 (514) 228-8765.