Elon Musk and Sharing Best Practices

The Mindfield Game places a group in a situation with a clear objective, any hint of strategy on the other hand is decidedly absent: you must cross the Mindfield, but it’s up to you find out how. This task serves to illuminate a great deal of information about the participants, both individually and collectively—strategy, teamwork, and observation to name just a few.
One particularly significant behavior that’s observed is the sharing of ‘best practices.’ Are theories and tips being exchanged? Or are the participants more closed off, embracing a more competitive mindset?
Let’s look at Elon Musk of Tesla and his recent announcement that its patented technology is to be opened up to competitors. From one angle, it’s as if Musk is tipping his hand to his own detriment—why would he so amicably give up a leg up?
Nunes and Bellin from HBR tell us that Tesla is actually embracing its intellectual property as an “essential and indispensable function within the broader ecosystem.” So, viewed through this lens, Elon Musk is playing at something greater, namely the strengthening of his industry. What’s good for the industry is good for Tesla.
While this development is undoubtedly happening on a larger scale, it does well to illustrate the concept of sharing best practices within an office. If one employee uncovers an effective strategy, it’s beneficial to propagate the idea. If this certain business practice can bolster an overarching system, logic would dictate that it should be communicated.
When each player is operating on an even keel, it promotes an atmosphere of pervasive positivity, leading towards widespread success.

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